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Add in New Students Step 1: Upload images in the appropriate sizes to the appropriate folder under images/students. (image sizes are: 170×190 for senior advisors and 200×264 for tour guides) Step 2: Edit the page by clicking the “edit” tab at the top of the page, and this form will come up: Step 3: To […]

Using Faculty pages

It may be useful for your site to have a separate page which lists relevant faculty members. This tutorial will teach you how to create and set up such a page. To have a faculty page, you must first create a page with content type professionalinfo-individual. If this content type is unavailable, please talk to your […]

Step 1 – Upload a photo: Navigate to the folder called “/alumni-items” and find the appropriate sub-folder based on the alum’s last name. Each of these alphabetically-named folders has an “/images” folder nested inside of it. If you have a photo of the alum to upload, upload it to this folder.  (new > image in […]

With the launch of the new Master Calendar, the process of adding events to a department web site has changed. If you have set events to appear on your website and you do not see them, Please first log into Cascade to see if they appear on your page within Cascade If they are in […]

In order to add a brightcove video to your post please follow these steps: On the sidebar to the right of your wordpress site, select “plugins.” Next, scroll down, find “Brightcove Video Embed,” created by Jason Vienneau, and check the box next to it. Now, when you create a new post and want to insert […]

Editing Map Markers

Some pages have a map that has predefined markers on it for visitor reference. Such a page is displayed below (without any map markers)   1. There should be a folder in the left sidebar which says “map-data”. In this folder, you should find a page called “map-markers’. Go to this page and click the […]

The “Restaurants” page is similar to the “Lodgings” page, but with extra formatting needs as will be shown in the tutorial below. 1. Click the “edit” tab at the top of the “Restaurants” page. This is where you can make edits to the content. 2. Under the main content area, there will be sections as shown […]

The “Lodging” page gives visitors information about surrounding accommodation options listed by distance from campus. This tutorial teaches you how to edit the information on such pages.   1. On Cascade, go to the relevant page and click “Edit” in the top tab. This will bring you to the page where you can start making […]

Some sites will have a dedicated social media page which allows visitors to connect with you via social media.    This tutorial will teach you how to edit such pages. 1. Click on the edit tab for the necessary page. In this example, the social media page is highlighted in the left column (“social_media”) and […]

The first step is to enter in the live broadcasting events on the Wescast page in Cascade. You can enter in as many events as you like and only two weeks of future events will be displayed by default. Adding Events to Cascade To edit events go to http://cascade.wesleyan.edu. Select WesCast from the dropdown to […]

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