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The Explore Wes section contains 4 buttons linking to primarily admission content.  Each button is an image with text overlaid and a link. For each button you will need: an appropriately sized image descriptive text to be overlaid on the image a link to more content Uploading the images into Cascade size of the images […]

The Footer Graphic is the large image on the bottom of the homepage.  It sits under the footer and is only visible on the desktop version of the homepage. For every featured story you will need:  1 large image 1399 x 800 upload the image to cascade use the dropdown to navigate to Home – […]

All of the menu items in all of the red dropdown menus are managed in one place. Note: If you are making a change or adding a new link to the dropdown, you must also add it to the landing page(s). More information at the end of this documentation. Locating the file to update use […]

A site-wide alert can be displayed on the top of all pages that have the “black bar”.  The alert box is yellow and contains text and a link to more information. Adding a site-wide alert message. use the dropdown to navigate to Home – Responsive go to components > menus > site-wide-alert press Edit you […]

The links in the header and footer of all webpages are maintained in one area in Cascade so they can be shared.  These links are grouped by Tools, Resources, Find it and the links under the street address (Contact Us and Copyright and Privacy). Locating the files to update use the dropdown to navigate to […]

Homepage – adding facts

Below the Explore Wes section of the homepage are 8 facts.  The first 4 are static, they don’t change until a change is made in the component.  The  bottom 4 facts are randomly baked on the page at publish time.  There can be any amount of facts stored in the system to be included in […]

This documentation will show you how to add a new row, column/section, or link to the Students landing page, as well as editing the name/removing links. First, figure out if the link is an internal link (points to another Wesleyan site/page), or an external link (takes you somewhere else—e.g., Moodle or Google). If it is […]

Change Images in 5 Image Header

If your site has a five image header across the top of the site, here are instructions as to how you can edit and change your photos. First, you want to make sure your photos are cropped to size. If your site has a white border between images, then should be cropped to 190 px […]

Here are instructions on how you can create a Google form, embed it on your site, or share it with others. First, make sure that you are creating a Google form through your Wesleyan account–all information in your Wesleyan Google account is inaccessible by Google. From your ePortfolio, you can access “Docs”. This should take […]

Change Header Video

For the Center for Humanities and Masters/GLS websites, you have the ability to change the video that is embedded into your top header on your index page. Here is how you may do so: First, select the “header” block, which can be found within your “video-header” folder in your left hand navigation list. Then hit […]

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