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We have reached the age of the web in which user preferences and customizations dominate.  Everyone has differences in how they view the web from operating system to screen size to resolution to browser to toolbar preferences and beyond.  At each of these junctures, designers and developers are often faced with challenges in how to […]

YouTube announced on their blog that they acquired the company Green Parrot Pictures – a digital video company in Dublin whose technology helps make videos look better and improve playback speed.  The results are quite striking.  It’ll be interesting to see what impact this might have on the future of YouTube videos on the web.

Google Goggles – at last.

Google Goggles has been a dream of mine even before they first announced it was in beta in December 2009.  I have visions of some day walking up to a plant, snapping a picture of a leaf, and having its identity reveal itself like magic on a little black box.  Although it’s still in its […]

Google Docs presents Drawings

Awesome new feature in Google Docs – create a new Drawing!  Easy to use, easy to share.  So much potential. Read more at the Official Google Blog.

Inspired by Google’s Superbowl commercial “Parisian Love” there is now a “SearchStories” feature in YouTube that allows you to make your own version and upload it to YouTube.  Pretty fun! Create your own at: http://www.youtube.com/searchstories/ Here’s one I made about the New Media Lab.

“Dual window linked maps”

Trinity Professor Jack Dougherty has been working on a project that links a 1934 Connecticut map with a 2008 Connecticut map.  His “dual window linked maps” allows you to enter any CT address and see these maps side-by-side.  Amazing to see how much some areas have changed and how much others have stayed the same. […]

Googling by Color

Search For Images By Color New from Google image search: Find Images that Contain a Certain Color. Google Image Search has a new option that lets you restrict the results based on their color. For now, the option is not available in the user interface, but you can tweak the search results URL to try […]

Leapfish. A quicker Google…

I’m thinking this place ants to be bought by Google. In any event, check out this search engine, Leapfish, that requires no clicking of Search or hitting of Enter. In other words, you type in the search field and results magically appear. Type your zip code in the Weather box and the forecast magically appears. […]

Project 10 to the 100th

Submit your ideas! http://www.project10tothe100.com/index.html