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The Athletics Hall of Fame inducted its fifth class of alumni over Homecoming/Family Weekend.  In Spring 2008, we built an interactive component to the Hall of Fame that allows alumni across the globe to learn more about the inductees by visiting the site online or via a touchscreen kiosk in the Freeman Athletics Center.  As […]

Google Goggles – at last.

Google Goggles has been a dream of mine even before they first announced it was in beta in December 2009.  I have visions of some day walking up to a plant, snapping a picture of a leaf, and having its identity reveal itself like magic on a little black box.  Although it’s still in its […]

Quite an incredible video to introduce the capabilities of a new feature in the upcoming release of Photoshop CS5 called content aware fill.  Really amazing. http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2010/03/caf_in_ps.html