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The first step is to enter in the live broadcasting events on the Wescast page in Cascade. You can enter in as many events as you like and only two weeks of future events will be displayed by default. Adding Events to Cascade To edit events go to http://cascade.wesleyan.edu. Select WesCast from the dropdown to […]

In order to edit a sidebar on your homepage, please do the following: Log in to Cascade and select the folder likely entitled “homepage-sidebar” on the left of your screen. Once you click that folder, a dropdown menu will appear. You will likely have blocks entitled, “top,” middle,” and “bottom.” A block such as Related […]

Sharing videos on Facebook

To share a video on social media 1. Find the video you want to share by going to Video@Wesleyan. 2. Once you’re on the video’s page, find the facebook icon which will be to the right of the video. 3. There will be a facebook pop-up. You may be prompted to sign in if you […]

These are the instructions on how to modify the Testimonials page under Career at Wesleyan on the Human Resources website. Step 1: Navigate to Human Resources, find careers1 > testimonials. Step 2: Go to Edit in the page you just navigated to. Each block will have these fields There are usually two options for each block you are editing: 1) […]

The Studio Art Thesis Archive (http://learningobjects.wesleyan.edu/artthesis/) was originally built in 2008 by Ryan Lee (under the guidance of Philip Isaacs) and re-built in 2012 by Jason Vienneau in the New Media Lab at Wesleyan University. It is built in PHP and pulls in the data from the Media Database. The site lives on the Learning Objects […]

Video Aggregate – Updating

General The video aggregate web application is populated through the Brightcove Video Cloud (https://videocloud.brightcove.com). Static content areas can be modified through Cascade Server (https://cascade.wesleyan.edu). Rules mapping collections to tags can also be modified through Cascade. After tagging in Brightcove, the Brightcove API can take up to 15 minutes to update completely. All videos must be tagged with the word […]

Adding Brightcove Video to a Blog

Any Brightcove video can be added to a blog post or page.  You can add multiple videos to a page or post, currently you can not add a playlist. Install/Activate Plugin contact New Media Lab to activate and set up the Brightcove plugin for your blog put in a service request ticket at http://service.wesleyan.edu New […]

The links in the header and footer of all webpages are maintained in one area in Cascade so they can be shared.  These links are grouped by Tools, Resources, Find it and the links under the street address (Contact Us and Copyright and Privacy). Locating the files to update use the dropdown to navigate to […]

Here are instructions on how you can create a Google form, embed it on your site, or share it with others. First, make sure that you are creating a Google form through your Wesleyan account–all information in your Wesleyan Google account is inaccessible by Google. From your ePortfolio, you can access “Docs”. This should take […]

The following is some documentation on how you can create a new exhibition in the DAC website. First, log into Cascade and navigate to your website, Davison Art Center. Once you arrive at the DAC dashboard, navigate to the exhibitions folder on the left hand navigation tree, then the pages folder. Once you navigate to […]

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