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Professor Peter Gottschalk’s new book Engaging South Asian Religions features a cover design by Mariah E. Reisner of the New Media Lab.  Check it out on Amazon.com.

The Camera Culture group at the MIT Media Lab has pushed the limit and created a high-speed camera that captures an incredible 1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion!) frames per second.  Take a look at this clip as you can actually see light travel through space.

Word Lens

Super cool new app from Quest Visual that instantly translates text just through the camera lens on your phone.  Looking forward to trying it out! http://questvisual.com/

“Digital Media Primer for Geeks”

This is a pretty good thorough overview of digital audio and digital video that explains many topics including: resolution, frame rate, interlacing, etc. A good introduction for those who need to get all the facts in order. http://xiph.org/video/vid1.shtml “Xiph.Org has undertaken a series of self-produced videos to spread techie-level knowledge about digital media as well […]

Wesleyan’s College of the Environment website was noted as one of “The 25 Best School Websites” by Edudemic.  The list was based on the following criteria: design, ease of use, copywriting, interactivity, use of technology, innovation, and content. The New Media Lab and the rest of Wesleyan is celebrating this honor!  Visit our previous post to […]

“Dual window linked maps”

Trinity Professor Jack Dougherty has been working on a project that links a 1934 Connecticut map with a 2008 Connecticut map.  His “dual window linked maps” allows you to enter any CT address and see these maps side-by-side.  Amazing to see how much some areas have changed and how much others have stayed the same. […]