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Arrival Day 2011 Video

The Camera Culture group at the MIT Media Lab has pushed the limit and created a high-speed camera that captures an incredible 1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion!) frames per second.  Take a look at this clip as you can actually see light travel through space.

YouTube announced on their blog that they acquired the company Green Parrot Pictures – a digital video company in Dublin whose technology helps make videos look better and improve playback speed.  The results are quite striking.  It’ll be interesting to see what impact this might have on the future of YouTube videos on the web.

“Digital Media Primer for Geeks”

This is a pretty good thorough overview of digital audio and digital video that explains many topics including: resolution, frame rate, interlacing, etc. A good introduction for those who need to get all the facts in order. http://xiph.org/video/vid1.shtml “Xiph.Org has undertaken a series of self-produced videos to spread techie-level knowledge about digital media as well […]

Inspired by Google’s Superbowl commercial “Parisian Love” there is now a “SearchStories” feature in YouTube that allows you to make your own version and upload it to YouTube.  Pretty fun! Create your own at: http://www.youtube.com/searchstories/ Here’s one I made about the New Media Lab.

Custom YouTube players

First noticed this on a video when the player bar was red rather than grey.  Looked at the code and realized there were two numbers as part of the embed code that you could change and get different results.  Really great! Here’s a video about how you can change the colors and also the overall […]

In New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/20/technology/20adobe.html?hpw) By BRAD STONE Published: April 20, 2009 The denizens of Hollywood and Silicon Valley have, by and large, vastly different value systems, role models, even tastes in cars, food and clothing. Adobe’s concept of how Flash video could look on the TV. But they increasingly agree on one thing: a […]

3-D YouTube Videos

The next big thing? Make your own 3D Videos Oh – neat. I should go run and create a youtube 3D Channel. I’m back just created one! Capable of creating a mind-blowing stereoscopic effect, this USB-friendly camera will have you and your online buddies cowering behind your keyboards in awe as noses, fingers and anything […]